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Welcome to Healthies

We believe that if people had healthier options and a community that supports their goals that more people would make healthier choices thus changing their lives! 

We opened healthies as a way to provide just that. 

Its more than a smoothie - its a MEAL

welcome to the family !

How It Works

Meal replacement shakes that taste like desserts!

When you come in first you’ll pick your shake- that’s where all the nutrition info we have comes in

- Every shake comes with a complementary energizing “basic” tea (unsweetened, boosts metabolism, antioxidants, and aloe for better digestion)

-Flavors: original, lemon, raspberry, peach, chai, cinnamon.  

This is our basic combo. (16oz shake, 16oz basic tea)

-Or you can upgrade to an “energy combo” 

Which is a 16oz shake with a 16oz “energy bomb”

Energy bombs contain vitamins B6, B12, Biotin, Panax ginseng, & Raw Guarana. For energy, focus, and concentration. Zero sugar. 20 calories. 

With the option of many fruity flavors: Tropical sunset, Skittlez, Strawberry Margarita, Very Cherry, Watermelon Refresher,  Peach Bellini, Hurricane and Shark Bite, Flirtini (has collagen) 

The 16oz energy bomb has 95mg caffeine 

The 24oz has 115mg

Healthies Fishers

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11063 Allisonville Rd, Fishers Indiana 46038

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